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[software]Numberator -
Convert integers and currencies into words. Numberator supports seventeen languages. It can also generate a sequential or random list of integers, between the limits you select.
Keywords: Numberator; Business; Education and reference; Translation; Numberator
Downloads: 96
[software]TextReader -
This program allows you to read plain text files like books. The text is zoomed and reformatted, and character dialogs are highlighted. You can decide what visual modifications to apply on text, and you can bookmark files. Note: Some minor features will work on Windows98/NT4 only if you have Rich-edit 3 installed.
Keywords: TextReader; Business; Education and reference; Miscellaneous; TextReader
Downloads: 48
[software]ElastoLab -
Open a world of creativity and discovery for your child. This program lets children play in a world of simulated motion. Springs, elastics and gravity come to life on your computer screen. The worlds you create can swing, stretch, wobble and bounce as you play with them interactively. Using graphical scripts, you can add sounds, keep scores, and fire rockets.
Keywords: ElastoLab; Business; Education and reference; Science; ElastoLab
Downloads: 112
[software]Verbix -
This universal verb conjugation tool shows complete verb inflections of any verb in more than 100 languages. It also returns the glossary look-up form from any inflection so there's no need to know them by heart.
Keywords: Verbix; Business; Education and reference; Translation; verbix
Downloads: 67
[software]OilProp -
This program is designed to assess the core thermalphysic properties of oil and its derivatives necessary to solve transportation and processing tasks, with the minimum volume of input data. It is based on regularities and statistics generally known in the area.
Keywords: OilProp; Business; Education and reference; Science; OilProp
Downloads: 36
[software]Metanoia -
This is a command center, search engine and thought organizer for workers in the social and administrative sciences. It provides visual represenations of classical and current peer-reviewed academic sources, facilitating the comparison, organization and presentation of knowledge. The application includes support for e-journal referencing. You can corroborate your discoveries with independent scholarly Web sites and fully referenced citations, and paste discoveries into your own writing project.
Keywords: Metanoia; Business; Education and reference; Miscellaneous; Metanoia
Downloads: 36
[software]WinThermO -
This is a graphical, interactive, temperature conversion and display utility. The user interface is in the form of a clipboard-mounted thermometer. When you perform a temperature conversion -- from Fahrenheit to Celsius or vice versa -- the scale of WinThermO's thermometer automatically adjusts to the range within which the values fall, and the mercury jumps to the level of the result. Physically drag the mercury up or down, and the from and to values scroll with the movement...
Keywords: WinThermO; Business; Education and reference; Science; WinThermO
Downloads: 17
[software]EasyJob -
This is expert resume and cover letter creation software that contains a host of advice from some of the best professional resume writers.
Keywords: EasyJob; Business; Education and reference; Resumes; EasyJob
Downloads: 79
[software]ABGPro -
This arterial blood gas interpretor and teaching aide allows you to interpret any arterial blood gas or enter your own to practice. You can also pick from a list of pre-defined ABG types.
Keywords: ABGPro; Business; Education and reference; Teaching; ABGPro
Downloads: 142
[software]OpenCV -
This is a personal assistant for creating resumes and managing career goals. It lets you create an unlimited number of different, targeted resumes, each specifically crafted for a different type of position. Choose from different resume styles, and export resumes to HTML, HR-XML, Microsoft Word and plain text formats. Resumes can be created in English, French, German, Spanish or Italian. The program also offers a built-in e-mail messaging system.
Keywords: OpenCV; Business; Education and reference; Resumes; Opencv
Downloads: 131
[software]gcompris -
This program includes activities in the following topics: computer discovery, algebra, science, geography, games and reading.
Keywords: gcompris; Business; Education and reference; Miscellaneous; gcompris
Downloads: 77
[software]BabyCharts -
This is an application for parents of infants and toddlers who want to ensure nothing is missed with the physical development of their baby.
Keywords: BabyCharts; Business; Education and reference; Miscellaneous; BabyCharts
Downloads: 133
[software]Chemicalc -
This program calculates molecular weights.
Keywords: Chemicalc; Business; Education and reference; Science; Chemicalc
Downloads: 202
[software]SalStat -
This is an application for scientific or business statistical analysis. It can perform a range of tests from descriptive statistics, single factor tests, sample tests, and anova and nonparametric equivalents.
Keywords: SalStat; Business; Education and reference; Miscellaneous; SalStat
Downloads: 123
[software]PowerVerse -
This program periodically displays Bible verses on your desktop. You can configure how often the verses will pop-up, and you can add and delete Bible verses.
Keywords: PowerVerse; Business; Education and reference; Religious; PowerVerse
Downloads: 120
[software]Algematics -
This program can help you solve your algebra problems. You can insert problems and retrieve the answers. Get either the simplified answer or the entire step-by-step process.
Keywords: Algematics; Business; Education and reference; Math; Algematics
Downloads: 132
[software]Infinity -
This program handles mathematical modeling, including exchange rate predictions, engineering functions and financial planning. Various tasks can be described using formulas and equations. It allows you use complex mathematical expressions within equations to describe the problem which requires solution.
Keywords: Infinity; Business; Education and reference; Math; Infinity
Downloads: 68
[software]MultiTranse -
This software translates to and from English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Japanese and Norwegian. The program can translate specific words, phrases, sentences and small paragraphs up to 6,000 symbols. The program is Unicode compatible, and it automatically determines the font, encodes Unicode text into any ANSI format and vice-versa. If the font is not found in the user's computer, the program provides the option to download it from Micro...
Keywords: MultiTranse; Business; Education and reference; Translation; Multitranse
Downloads: 197
[software]Americalculator -
This calculator has a scrollable tape and allows you to save calculations as a text file or send them to the printer. Optional large screen display is very easy to read. Obtain the capitalized interest for installment plans, rule of three, capitalized amounts, and it even calculates dates and times. This program reads and calculate values from clipboard and automatically saves calculations also to the clipboard...
Keywords: Americalculator; Business; Education and reference; Math; Americalculator
Downloads: 127
[software]Dicom -
This program calculates, converts and computes. It can evaluate expressions anywhere within a rich text formatted document. It also has a built-in rich text editor. You can process your words, numbers and measurements in one place.
Keywords: Dicom; Business; Education and reference; Math; Dicom
Downloads: 49
[software]AcaStat -
This tool analyzes data whether you enter it yourself, use a spreadsheet, or maintain a database. You can create and analyze cross-tabulations, descriptive statistics, basic significance tests and summary reports. Create data files or import from spreadsheets or statistical software.
Keywords: AcaStat; Business; Education and reference; Math; AcaStat
Downloads: 58
[software]AutoSignal -
This program automates the process of analyzing signals. It handles everything from data import to output of results, and you can choose your analysis techniques from the menu or toolbar. Select the algorithm and options from the interface. You get visual feedback with 2D or 3D graphs of your signal analysis, plus numeric summaries for reports.
Keywords: AutoSignal; Business; Education and reference; Math; AutoSignal
Downloads: 211
[software]GoBinder -
This is a student preparation tool for quizzes, reports, classroom participation, lectures and tests. Students can organize classes and schedules, manage assignments and due dates, take notes, annotate on lecture materials, and search for any word in their GoBinders.
Keywords: GoBinder; Business; Education and reference; Teaching; GoBinder
Downloads: 156
[software]DOFMaster -
Use DOFMaster on the computer, or print depth-of-field scales for use in the field. Just set the focus distance, and read the near and far distances. It's as easy to use as the depth-of-field scales of old. Print a scale for any lens and any format, digital to 8x10. For a zoom lens, make a scale with as many as four focal lengths.
Keywords: DOFMaster; Business; Education and reference; Miscellaneous; DOFMaster
Downloads: 238
[software]ChemicPen -
This program draws 2D chemical formulas and reactions. Formulas and reactions can be printed, stored in files or exported as images.
Keywords: ChemicPen; Business; Education and reference; Science; ChemicPen
Downloads: 110
[software]Eigenmath -
Computer algebra for people who like math and physics.
Keywords: Eigenmath; Business; Education and reference; Math; Eigenmath
Downloads: 276
[software]EVE -
This detects plagiarism in student essays by tracking down Web sites with matching content, performing detailed analyses of the matching sites, and reporting results with side-by-side comparisons of the Web site to the original essay.
Keywords: EVE; Business; Education and reference; Teaching; eve
Downloads: 82
[software]WordWeb -
You can use this English dictionary and thesaurus to look up words from almost any program. Simply type in your word and press the search button; one frame displays the definition, another shows synonyms and other related words.
Keywords: WordWeb; Business; Education and reference; Miscellaneous; WordWeb
Downloads: 798
[software]ChemPaster -
Allows you to create documents full of chemical structures. It support both organic an inorganic structures. You can insert the structure into most kinds of documents without a temporary file.
Keywords: ChemPaster; Business; Education and reference; Science; chempaster
Downloads: 244
[software]Pardon -
This dictionary utility provides access to extensive dictionaries, with cross-references and text formatting. You can look up words and use wildcards for advanced searches. There is a vocabulary test tool and comprehensive documentation. Additional dictionaries can easily be downloaded from the Internet.
Keywords: Pardon; Business; Education and reference; Dictionaries; Pardon
Downloads: 151
[software]Gravity -
This is a program to simulate the path of move for bodies (i.e. objects with mass) altered by the gravity drive between each other. Sitting before the computer, a process that lasts effectively for years may take place in a few seconds, the Kepler's and Newton's law are understood in a shorter time.
Keywords: Gravity; Business; Education and reference; Science; Gravity
Downloads: 232
[software]Vocaboly -
This is an English vocabulary program for TOEFL, GMAT, GRE and SAT test takers. Vocaboly contains five books: VOA Special English, TOEFL, GMAT, SAT and GRE, with 12,000 words, each word provided with meaning, phonetic symbol and pronunciation. You can select a book according to your purpose and English level. Each book contains eight flash cards for focusing on specified words. Each word can be assigned to a difficulty level from 0 to 5...
Keywords: Vocaboly; Business; Education and reference; Teaching; Vocaboly
Downloads: 606
[software]ScatLab -
This software performs electromagnetic scattering simulations, mainly based on classical Mie theory solution. The program supports scattered intensity polar diagrams for coated and uncoated spherical particles; scattered intensity versus theta graphs for coated and uncoated spherical particles; scattered intensity versus radius graphs for homogeneous spherical particles; extinction, scattering, and backscattering cross section graphs; angle depolarization graphs; near field imaging for homogeneo...
Keywords: ScatLab; Business; Education and reference; Science; ScatLab
Downloads: 346
[software]Alien Reminder -
This program helps you memorize foreign words.
Keywords: Alien Reminder; Business; Education and reference; Language tools; Alien Reminder
Downloads: 58
[software]Lesson Planner Plus -
Here is a tool for all those hard-working teachers out there. The application provides a simple and effective means of lesson planning. There are extensive lesson planning tools and databases for students and parent contacts. It even sorts titled lessons in either ascending or descending order.
Keywords: Lesson Planner Plus; Business; Education and reference; Teaching
Downloads: 130
[software]Gradebook Power -
This is an excellent tool for keeping track of students and their grades. Enter a class and then enter the students. Once you have a class and database of students, you can check homework, quizzes or tests and then input them into your database giving them letter grades. You can then proceed to other options like printing out progress reports to send to parents or the like. This is really a fantastic program for classroom functionality.
Keywords: Gradebook Power; Business; Education and reference; Teaching; grade; book; power
Downloads: 28
[software]FLAreaCodeLookup Pro -
This program provides an easy way to list the area codes associated with a city or list the cities within an area code. The database contains the area codes for more than 24,000 U.S. cities and about 60 non-U.S. cites. It also includes non-geographic area codes. The registered version also provides an interactive map and time zone information.
Keywords: FLAreaCodeLookup Pro; Business; Education and reference; Miscellaneous; FLAreaCodeLookup Pro
Downloads: 36
[software]Web Translator -
This online translation program supports English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. It integrates a Microsoft WordPad-style rich text editor, so you do not have to launch another text editor to edit your translation sources and results. It has a built-in Web browser and an IE observer to monitor the Web sites you are browsing.
Keywords: Web Translator; Business; Education and reference; Translation; Web Translator
Downloads: 100
[software]Choice -
Here's a fast multiple-choice test for your vocabulary that adapts to your knowledge. The difficulty level advances automatically by discarding easy words and repeating words not guessed. Choice is provided with lessons for English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Swedish in different combinations and can be easy extended with your own lessons.
Keywords: Choice; Business; Education and reference; Language tools; choice
Downloads: 61
[software]59-8 -
This interactive world map supports longitude and latitude lookup, all of the countries in the world, flags, locations and coordinates, and graphical and topographical maps.
Keywords: 59-8; Business; Education and reference; Science; 59-8
Downloads: 44
[software]tPilot -
This program allows you to create tests in any subject for grade school programs, college subjects, single-professional testing or various psychological tests. In your tests you can use different fonts, formulas, schemes, tables, audio and video files, HTML documents and any OLE documents. Any question and answer can be fully formatted with different fonts, alignments, paragraph, lists, and upper and lower indices.
Keywords: tPilot; Business; Education and reference; Testing and study aids; tPilot
Downloads: 34
[software]ResumePipe Pro -
This tool converts resume e-mails and all associated attachments to numbered text files for import into applicant tracking and resume packages such as ResTrac. Processed resumes are reformatted and garbage characters are stripped. Many other text manipulations are possible. The program attaches to MAPI clients such as MS-Outlook, Lotus Notes and GroupWise. Processed e-mails can be moved or deleted, and custom headers and footers can be added to each e-mail and attachment...
Keywords: ResumePipe Pro; Business; Education and reference; Resumes; resume pipe
Downloads: 60
[software]HebJuggler -
This program performs automated conversion of Hebrew text formats including different character sets (code pages) and bi-directional settings. It supports the configuration of several conversion profiles to allow fast switching between frequently used conversion styles.
Keywords: HebJuggler; Business; Education and reference; Language tools; HebJuggler; Heb Juggler
Downloads: 66
[software]Lingo the Language Trainer -
This vocabulary trainer helps you memorize foreign words. You can practice words and the program remembers the ones you have difficulties with, repeating them until you get them right.
Keywords: Lingo the Language Trainer; Business; Education and reference; Language tools
Downloads: 76
[software]KudoZ.NET -
This program combines intelligent and flexible Internet searching and KudoZ functions. The program is a crucial element of the translator's collaboration network at the core of the community. This program not only helps you to translate, but you can can also use it to help others. You can build your own team and start a team network.
Keywords: KudoZ.NET; Business; Education and reference; Language tools; KudoZ.NET
Downloads: 24
[software]School Focus -
This is an educational organizer for up to five users. It provides access to homework files and your personal school timetable. You can translate your time table to HTML and use it as a page on your student time manager. Insert national or private holidays and custom colors for each day. A link manager is also included.
Keywords: School Focus; Business; Education and reference; Miscellaneous; School Focus
Downloads: 36
[software]Picword -
Learn Spanish, Uzbek, English, Russian, German and French words visually, in writing and verbally. The program has about a thousand pictures to aid in learning. Any of the languages can be selected as your source (native) or target (secondary) language. The program teaches reading, writing and memorizing. Picword uses Microsoft's text-to-speech technology, and the program offers 37 themes to help facilitate everyday communication.
Keywords: Picword; Business; Education and reference; Language tools; picword
Downloads: 170
[software]ClicheCleaner -
This writing tool promotes better prose by highlighting passages in your text that are either cliches, common expressions or repeated phrases. It includes a list of nearly 7,000 cliches and common expressions that are compared against your text. Once you've spotted something you want to change, you can edit the text without leaving the program.
Keywords: ClicheCleaner; Business; Education and reference; Language tools; ClicheCleaner
Downloads: 40
[software]Micro-PedSim -
This is a research tool for microscopic pedestrian traffic simulations. You can use it to visualize pedestrian movement, and generate pedestrians manually, through a text file or automatically. Pedestrians can be randomly or systematically distributed, and you can specify the parameters. The simulation can be calibrated in terms of time and space. The output can be displayed either real time, 2D visualization, path tracing or performance values.
Keywords: Micro-PedSim; Business; Education and reference; Miscellaneous; micro ped sim
Downloads: 60
[software]Berean BerBible -
This Bible program includes a tutorial and the World English Bible with the Old Testament and the New Testament. Its small download size is optimized for people with a slow, unreliable Internet connection.
Keywords: Berean BerBible; Business; Education and reference; Religious; Berean Bible
Downloads: 108
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